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Achieve Balance Holistic Health - Now Open in Nanaimo!
Stress is an Earthquake!
Bowtech® = Preventative Maintenance!
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Achieve Balance Holistic Health - Now Open in Nanaimo!

I'm thrilled to announce the forthcoming launch of 'ACHIEVE BALANCE HOLISTIC HEALTH' in beautiful Nanaimo, BC, on DECEMBER 1, 2016.

The clinic will be located in the Applecross Business Centre in north Nanaimo, Unit 8A - 6421 Applecross Road.

It will be fantastic to make connections with people from the community. And I can't wait to share the amazing capacity of Bowen therapy to help people 'achieve balance' in their lives, through the body's own ability to heal itself.

EVERY BODY IS BETTER WITH BOWEN, and you're all about to learn why!

Stress is an Earthquake!

Your nervous system is closely linked with your endocrine system and between the two, they regulate homeostatis (balance) in your body.  The nervous system makes quick adjustments for the short term, and the endocrine system adjusts more slowly but supports you long-term.

One of the major physiological effects of Bowenwork, particularly when a person has experienced several regular treatments, is that the autonomic nervous system (ANS) becomes balanced.  The ANS working closely with the endocrine system, becomes balanced as well.

When you are living in a constant state of 'high stress', think about what this can do to your adrenals.  If your endocrine system is not functioning properly, it will affect the entire body.

Many diseases and illnesses seem to appear when you are stressed over a long period of time.  If you think of your body as a building and stress as an 'earthquake', an earthquake of 8.5 will demolish a building quickly.  But, an earthquake of 2.0 could have the same effect if it kept hitting that building repeatedly.

While one huge stress attack can do immediate damage, lower levels of significant stress, pounding day after day without any rests in between to rebuild, can produce the same result.

We all need time to recover from our personal 'earthquakes'.  Bowen therapy can be one of the key architects in helping you to rebuild!

Bowtech® = Preventative Maintenance!

We budget money every year for our overall wellness.  We schedule dental checkups.  We invest our precious time and energy looking at ways to reduce stress.  There are lots of ways people find enjoyment, through fitness, sports, arts, music, continuing education, etc.   

We even take care of our ‘stuff’ – our vehicles, bicycles and ‘toys’ seeing that they receive regular maintenance.

So, could we be doing more regular maintenance for ourselves?  Yes! 

Bowtech® can be seen not only as a complementary therapy for treating issues that are present and immediate.  It can form part of our wellness 'maintenance plan', to keep us tuned-up and balanced on a regular basis, leaving us potentially less susceptible to ailments or injuries. 

Consider having a Bowtech® session on a periodic basis such as quarterly, or with the changing of the seasons.

Resilience = Balance = Preventative Maintenance!