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"I have suffered with chronic pain and migraines for years and have tried numerous different treatments and medications with limited success. I can honestly say that I am blown away by the difference that Andrée has made in my pain levels in one month. If you are struggling with chronic pain and are looking for something different, I would highly encourage you to visit Achieve Balance Holistic Health for some Bowen Therapy treatments. It has been a game changer for me! Thank you so much, Andrée!"

- Erin MacDonald, 26 January 2017

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"Bowen really worked for me. I am a golfer and for many years pain in my right shoulder and pain in several locations in my back made playing the game a very painful experience. My handicap soared! Golf was not fun! I heard about Bowen through a friend and booked an appointment with Andrée to see what it was all about. Coincidentally on the morning of my first appointment I awoke with even worse pain in my right shoulder --- I had virtually no use of the arm.

That afternoon I met Andrée and after reviewing my medical history and chatting about Bowen she gave me a body balancing procedure. The next morning I awoke and discovered that I had no pain! Amazing!!! My shoulder felt great. My back felt great. No aches and no pains!!!! I was astounded. Five days after that treatment I still felt no pain and I had my best round in a couple of years! Thanks to Bowen, golf and life in general is much better and more fun. Cheers to Bowen."

- Ken, 13 July 2016

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"After 34 days of suffering from sciatica back pain, excruciating pain in entire calf and sheer frustration with acupuncture, TENS not making difference and my doctor suggesting an MRI/back surgeon, I was introduced to Andrée Boisvert.

After my first session June 1st my pain dropped from a 12 (yes 12 on a 1-10 scale) to 5 or 6.  On my next visit she discovered that the pain in my calve was quite possibly shin splints and devoted much of her magic to that area.
What happened to me the night after my second visit was life changing for me.  On June 14, 2013 I lost my sweet husband very suddenly and have spent 3 agonizing years trying to somehow heal the endless pain of grief. I woke up 3 times in the night absolutely "soaked" from head to toe - not night sweat soaked, almost like being in a shower soaked - like all the tears left in my body were purged out of me.  For the remainder of the week I had a calm happy feeling, a feeling I thought I could never feel again and my pain continued to drop to 3-4.  I felt I somehow came to grips with Ian's death and was strong again, my outlook on my future was no longer full of fear and sadness but with hope and happiness. Bowen healed my physical pain and at the same time helped heal me from the endless pain of grief.  To get over such a tragic loss I had to feel it in my head, heart and gut and I just couldn't get there.  I can honestly say I turned a huge corner and I "like" who I have become and I know my sweet Ian would too ... it feels unbelievably good to laugh again.

I gave Andrée the nickname "Angel" because somehow we crossed paths and she is the one that helped me over the final hurdle of the roller coaster ride of grief, for this I will be eternally grateful."

- Laurie Langmuir, 15 June 2016

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"Late in 2015, I went to see Andrée Boisvert for a few sessions.  Since July, I had been dealing with a herniated disk in my lower back.  She was highly recommended to me by a family member.  I had tried Physiotherapy and Chiropractic, neither of which was working.  At that time I was also a smoker.  I had my first treatment, then a second and a third.
While we were treating for back pain, the benefits of the treatment became very obvious in a different way.  I had all three treatments within a 30-day period in October of 2015.  Shortly after the third treatment at the end of month, I decided to quit smoking.
I have been a smoker for 20 years at an average of a pack a day.  I had tried to quit many times, none of which were successful.  This time was different.
I had a prescription from my doctor for Champix.  It was a one-month supply.  With Champix, you are to take the drug for two weeks and then quit.  When you have a cigarette after the two weeks, the Champix is supposed to block your pleasure sensors making the reward of having the cigarette diminished to non-existent.  I didn’t follow the rules.
I started taking Champix for one week before I decided to quit.  I felt that I didn’t need the prescription, as I didn’t feel the need to smoke.  I quit one week in and took the prescription for a second week.  Then I stopped taking the prescription.
The reason I stopped taking the prescription is that I really did not feel the need to smoke.  In the past when I had quit smoking I experienced all the typical signs, irritability, sleeplessness, constant cravings etc.  This time was different.  I quit on Nov 9, 2016.  For the first few days I had a couple of minor cravings.  So minor that it seemed not so much chemical but more habit. Things like driving and coffee.  But these were incredibly minor.  It is now Feb 25, 2016, 110 days later and I now have virtually no cravings.
I cannot explain – based on the many times that I attempted to quit smoking in the past, why this time was different.  I feel the medication had nothing to do with it and Bowen had everything to do with my success, and furthermore, the ease with which I was successful in finally quitting. 
If you smoke a little or a lot, for years or for decades, and you are ready to quit, I strongly recommend you go for a few Bowen treatments.  I wholeheartedly feel that the Bowen treatments were the key to my success."
- Josh Vaters, 25 February 2016

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"I am absolutely AMAZED with what Andrée did with me in three appointments! I have had chronic upper back, neck and shoulder tightness and knots for years and I cannot believe the difference her treatments have made. Thank you Andrée!"

- Lynn Clyde, 20 April 2015

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"I must admit I was a bit skeptical of the Bowen technique at first. I'd been under chiropractic care for quite some time and even tried massage to relieve pain and discomfort. Those techniques were temporary at best and I was often back in less than a month for another adjustment. With Bowen...WOW!  What a difference.  After the first session I had more clarity and noticed the positive feelings and effects of the healing process.  Within 3 sessions my pain levels had gone from an average of 7 out of 10 to about a 2.  With regular maintenance every 4-6 weeks, my pain levels are no reduced to a 0-1.  All this amazing improvement to my overall health in less than 3 months!  Andrée is an excellent Bowen practitioner.  She knows how to make you comfortable and open to the Bowen technique.  As she often says, and I now agree, every body is better with Bowen!"

- Carl Richards, Speech Coach & Professional Speaker, 5 March 2015

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"I have suffered with sciatica for the last four years. I have tried various methods to alleviate the flare-ups that I experience on occasion. This last episode lasted two months and was incredibly painful. I went to my usual remedies with little success. Some friends recommended BowenWorks, and although I was a bit skeptical, I felt I really had nothing to lose. One visit and I could feel improvement directly after the session. By the next day, I was able to move with much less pain. By the fourth day, I was pain free. (Keep in mind that I did everything that Andrée asked me to do in order to help myself.)

I still cannot believe how much better I feel. It is like being released from a prison of pain! I tell everyone I know of my experience with Andrée and BowenWorks. Andrée is kind and compassionate, a real professional and a credit to her work. I know, that when my sciatica flares up again, I can count on BowenWorks of Kingston to alleviate my pain."

- Melissa P. Coy, 7 February 2015

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"After 11 months of unsuccessful attempts to treat mosaic plantar warts that covered the entire ball and heel of our then 7 year old child's foot, we were at our wits end.

Our child endured 11 months of painful canthacur treatments, naturopath remedies and numerous home remedies (duct tape, turmeric paste, tea tree oil, banana peel, etc.) and nothing was working.  The only things we hadn't tried that were listed were Bowen Therapy and hypnotherapy.
Despite our personal biases, we willingly brought our child for treatments, as we felt we had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Andrée came referred to us from a reputable source and we proceeded to the first session with an open mind and observed the sessions thru from the beginning to the end. Our experience was nothing less then remarkable

Within one month of undergoing 2 Bowen Therapy treatments and 3 Hypnotherapy appointments, the warts were completely gone without a trace. The results and changes that our child experienced from morning, to noon to night, were miraculous.

Had we known what we know now, we would have started with this approach and saved our child unnecessary pain and discomfort. We will be forever grateful for the instrumental role that Andrée held in clearing up the mosaic warts now and forever."

- K.D. M., July 2014

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"Bowen Saved My Life! If you have any autoimmune issues, give Bowen therapy a chance ... your body is begging for it!  I was ready to feel better, ‘one needs to want to get better’.  Immediately, after my first treatment I received results and felt new energy after being bedridden with Fibromyalgia for 1.5 years. Yes, it’s true. Bowen treatments turned my life around.  When walking, I knew I was upright but inside I felt like my body was at a 45 degree angle – my nervous system was off kilter for sure.  Within months, I was free of pain which I had mostly in my shoulders and feet.  Pain in certain trigger points left as well … amazing!

After keeping up with Bowen, I could actually feel my body was truly balanced for the first time in years. Family and friends have noticed such a positive attitude in me, as well as clarity of mind; I am renewed.  The benefits of Bowen are waiting for you … just don’t invest in RRSPs and gold … INVEST IN YOU THROUGH BOWEN; allow Bowen and trust in the energy of Andrée’s touch … all the benefits await you! Sincerely with gratefulness."

- Gaylan Fitsell, 20 November 2013

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"Thanks to our son (a Bowen enthusiast in Ottawa) we found a Bowen clinic in Kingston.  It was Andrée who took her time explaining what to expect from her treatment.  Sure enough, Andrée helped me lose a 3-week agonizing pain from my lower back.  I started feeling relief already from the first session, and by the fourth session the pain had "magically" vanished.  This session was devoted to adjust my walking, balance, and other minor health irritants.

You owe it to yourself to try out Bowen therapy for anything that bugs you - you will be amazed.  My wife will be the next on the "operating" (non-invasive) table for migraine.  So next time you see TV commercials about pain relief ... think of ... BOWEN!  As for Andrée, a highly skillful professional, a BIG THANK YOU."

- Manos F., 10 October 2013

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"A year and a half ago I heard about Bowen treatments through a workmate.  She raved about the treatments and how she had been helped with headaches and numerous other ailments, so I thought I would give it a try.  When I first began to see Andrée, I was constantly troubled with incontinence to the point that I couldn’t take a walk without losing control and a painful bladder diagnosed as Interstitial Cystitis.  My right elbow had been painful and burning all the time from repetitive strain for about two years.  My left ankle had been weak and sore for about three months from spraining it.  I visited the Chiropractor monthly to try to keep my neck and shoulders from being stiff and causing me headaches.  I also had Acupuncture treatments for about 8 years for all of my ailments.  I also wore a mouth appliance to treat TMJ so that my teeth wouldn’t grind while I slept and it was very uncomfortable to wear each night to bed.

So since my first appointment I have had an incredible change in the way that I feel.  I no longer have any bladder pain, am able to walk and exercise as much as I like without any fear that I will wet my pants, my elbow and my ankle are completely free of pain and I don’t wear the mouth appliance for TMJ anymore without any jaw pain.  I also remain headache free most of the time, without stiffness in my neck and shoulders, even though I work at a computer every day.   I have referred many of my family and friends to have Bowen treatments with Andrée and everyone has experienced amazing results.  My husband and daughter have had great improvements for their depression and anxiety.  My daughter says that it has changed her life since she had Bowen treatments.  My husband had problems with acid reflux and now has none.  When you have a Bowen treatment you will experience a calm and release of stress that no other treatment will give you.  I am so happy that I found out about Bowen and would recommend to anyone.

- S.K., 11 September 2013

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"We are a couple of seniors, who like the rest of our generation have back aches, sore knees, etc.  My husband had been going to a chiropractor for quite a few years on a monthly basis but still his back bothered him. During a conversation with a friend she mentioned Bowen to us as she had been a client for a few months and was feeling significantly better. It was hard to grasp what exactly Bowen did; being of the older generation this treatment seemed too good to be true.
We have both been clients for the past 5 months… and all I can say is keep an open mind and try Bowen.  Andrée Boisvert is one of the most caring people you will meet; she is a true professional. We both feel 100% better and will continue our Bowen treatments. No more chiropractor and for me there is a spring in my step that has not been there for years!"

- J & D, 17 January 2013

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"A few months ago I was telling some friends about the problem I was having with my sciatic nerve and they recommended I speak to Andrée Boisvert to get an understanding of how the Bowen technique works. After speaking to Andrée, and researching Bowen on the internet, I made my first appointment. I was rather sceptical after the first treatment; I could not comprehend how such slight touches could do any good, and other than feeling very relaxed I noticed no difference.
After my second and third treatments there was a noticeable reduction in the pain and by treatment number four there was little or no pain at all. 
I would highly recommend if you are having any back, neck or joint problems etc. give Bowen a try. Although I still really do not understand how the Bowen method of therapy works, it does!"

- S.L., 1 August 2012

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"For the last several months I have been suffering from increasing pain in the upper part of my back, in my right shoulder and in my wrist - suspecting the start of carpal tunnel.  The pain was getting to the point that I was using pain medication daily.  During a chance encounter with Andrée Boisvert, I was made aware of Bowen therapy.  Not liking the invasiveness of a traditional massage, I booked an appointment to see Andrée and was I glad I did.

After the first session I was completely relaxed and perplexed. I was so relaxed and calm, this was the first signs of my body improving to heal itself.  After that session, the pain in my back, shoulder and hand were completely gone and continue to be gone to this day.

I felt so good that I decided to make another appointment with Andrée just in case I started to relapse back with the pain.  During that session, Andrée performed her magic to improve the mobility in my shoulder. To this day, I do not completely understand the science behind what Bowen does, but do know that I have benefitted greatly from the results."

- Connie K., 14 June 2012